Enter the Imaginarium: live escape room game
The most immersive entertainment in Pittsburgh

"Overall, I can't recommend Enter the Imaginarium enough. It is a next generation escape room concept. The puzzles are challenging, the sets are exceptional, and the soundscape is immersive. From start to finish, the experience is impressive. My friends and I had a wonderful Saturday and grew closer together through our time spent puzzling and escaping. Thanks, Order of the Imaginarium!" See the entire VisitPGH Molly Allwein post

Pittsburgh escape room game Chamber of Illusions
Enter a funhouse filled escape room with magic and misdirection. Match wits with the mastermind responsible for the world’s most infamous illusions and expose the traitor who destroyed it all.
Pittsburgh Escape room game The Inventor's Paradox
Turn back the hands of time and enter the lost memories of the Imaginarium’s creator. Explore the archives of his inventions, open the window to forever and release the secret that keeps him a prisoner of the past.

"Best escape rooms in Pittsburgh. The production design can't be compared with any other rooms in Pittsburgh."

Stephen S.

"There's a group of us who gets together to do these every once in a while and this is the best escape room in Pittsburgh, hands down. High quality sets and props, lots of rooms to explore."

Lisa A.
Tickets on sale now through May