This is the perfect place for your employees to develop the essential skills necessary for authentic collaborations and successful project outcomes.

There’s nothing that can make a team fall apart faster than a looming deadline. The clock is ticking, stakes are high, patience wears thin, and frustration kicks in. In these moments our best and worst selves are revealed. Sure, we learn valuable lessons for future experiences, but the casualties accumulated by a disconnected team can cost reputations, relationships and even jobs. If only there were a way to exercise the process of working together without experiencing the undesirable consequences.

Well, you’re in luck. Enter the Imaginarium is just the place to bring your employees, co-workers, and board to sharpen these skills in a safe environment and a great way to become a more cohesive, engaged and successful team.

Learn what it means to truly work together with this fun and challenging team-building experience. We can’t guarantee your escape, but we can promise that you’ll learn valuable things you didn’t know about the people you work closely with every day.

Why book your team building experience at Enter the Imaginarium?

· Observe the dynamics of your team when the pressure is on and the clock is winding down

· Who will take the lead? Who will rise out of the shadows? Are there too many cooks in your kitchen? Sometimes a shift in the environment is all you need to lift the veil

· The smartest person in your group isn’t always the best escape artist. This is the chance to see untapped potential in team members

· Staff retreats can be a drag; give your team something to look forward to that sets the tone for the day and gives you real and present examples to draw on

Want to book Pittsburgh's ultimate immersive escape room experience for your team?