Secret Order of Imaginaria

Very little is known about this mystical order of inventors, artists and magicians.

Earliest signs trace back to ancient Greece, in Crete and the court of King Minos. Symbolic evidence spans centuries with sightings in locations throughout the world including Europe, East/Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

One of the more controversial claims associated with the order is the power to regenerate consciousness through a “decantation” process that activates and siphons the psychic energy from the minds of unwitting subjects lured to the order’s clandestine facility often referred to by members as The Imaginarium.

Signs of the order have been linked to some of the great works of art, inventions, discoveries, and achievements throughout human history. All of these have been attributed to the order's influence:

Tesla's radio

Beethoven's 5th

The first flight at Kitty Hawk

The Sistine Chapel

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Houdini’s underwater escapes

In the mid 20th century, the order surfaced again in North America led by horologist (study of time) and inventor D. Sykes. The activities surrounding that Imaginarium were rumored to have contributed to The Manhattan Project.

Shortly after August of 1945, all evidence of D. Sykes and the Imaginaria vanished, until recently, when rumblings of a D. Sykes sighting surfaced somewhere near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Some theorists assert D. Sykes is actually Daedalus, founder of the first order, and mythic architect, sculptor, inventor and creator of the great Labyrinth of the Minotaur.

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